Our trio of girls get a chance to save their city of Kalamity. They have been in the same class since kindergarten, so they already know and trust each other. The Kuroba have chosen these girls because they are good hearted and have a past that ties them to the Kuroba. Most importantly, our girls have the ability to spot and find Kuroba, a necessary skill to be great Kuroba Keepers.

MARI (13)

Main Kuroba - EMBERFOX

Seeks: Connection

Mari is the leader of the Keepers. She loves being with her Keeper buds and prefers not to be alone. Tara and Reina are her best friends. Not too much gets to Mari… She is confident and always believes things are going to be alright. She hates—absolutely hates—to let anyone down… especially her friends. Mari likes everyone to have a good time and will try to make every moment fun.


Mari is not afraid to jump in and get dirty. Sometimes she has to be reminded that she can get knocked around and she needs to be careful. In fact, her biggest fault is probably her lack of patience. She likes immediate action and even more immediate results. Mari is passionate about all things important to her… some might call her “hot” blooded.


Mari has some mad Kuroba skills. She can always spot a Kuroba. In fact, it is in Mari’s DNA—her great aunt was a Kuroba Keeper back in the day. Mari has shared some of her Kuroba skills with her friends.


Mari’s main Kuroba is Emberfox, part of the fire tribe. Emberfox is a trailblazer. Nothing will stand between Emberfox and her goals.

REINA (13)

Main Kuroba - Octoboss

Seeks: Answers

Reina is into science…. She is book smart, analytical and super knowledgeable about lots of things. She has an incredible memory. Her friends often consult her to understand more about individual Kuroba and how to get the job done.


Reina is not known for her sense of humor. She can be a little too serious. As you might guess, Reina is the planner of the group and likes to stick to the plan.  And when the plan changes, well, Reina is never happy about that. However, she has learned to expect the unexpected from her friends.


Reina is by the book and is the keeper of the Kuroba book, the Kurobapedia.  She will dig into the ins and outs of all things Kuroba to help hatch a Kuroba plan.


Reina’s main Kuroba is Octoboss. Octoboss has incredible water skills and his tentacles can do just about anything. Octoboss is computer like in that he remembers everything anyone ever said to him.

TARA (13)

Main Kuroba - Pegaplant

Seeks: Meaning

Tara is the heart of the Keepers. She is very likable, gets along well with everyone and is a true creative dreamer. She can be considered a bit naïve, but more often she is just her quirky self. Tara always approaches things from a different perspective and surprises everyone when her idea is the one that solves the problem. She comes up with the goods more often than not.


Tara is always optimistic and always assumes the best in everyone. She is not a planner as she is more intuitive and follows her gut. And Tara never, ever gives up.


Tara is a Kuroba whisperer. She can talk to Kuroba and she understands their sounds and gestures better than anyone.


Tara’s main Kuroba is Pegaplant.  Pegaplant is serene, peaceful and very playful.

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